We always love to hear from customers so please get in-touch!

We’re passionate about being SUPER responsive and try our best to reply the moment we receive your message in our inbox. However, sometimes we do get really busy, none the less we will make sure we get back to you within 24 hours.

If you have contacted us via our contact form (which is further below the page) and not heard from us, please rest assured we are not ignoring you. If there’s one thing we value and understand is being responsive, it is one of our core principles and something we believe makes us stand out from the rest and we would NEVER compromise on it. Please check your spam folder, occasionally the spam filters can be overly aggressive and incorrectly mark our replies as spam.

As a last resort if you still can’t get hold of us via our contact form (which is further below the page) please contact us at:

Rest assured we’re fully traceable and we are registered with companies house as ALBIONSHIRE CAR DIAGNOSTICS LIMITED. Our company registration number is: 13851002. Please see our about page for our registered address.

Why don’t we have a telephone number?

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to get hold of a company and you can’t find their number anywhere nor an explanation as to why? Here at Albionshire Car Diagnostics we’re based on old fashioned values and principles of honesty and decency. We also greatly value transparency as we have nothing to hide nor would we want to, that’s just not our style.

The reason why we don’t advertise our phone number is because we provide a highly intimate and personal service, if we were to advertise our phone number we just wouldn’t be able to cope with the demand and provide the same level of care and attention, as we’re just a small team. We’re not ones to cut corners, our goal is to provide a highly personalised service pre and post sale, sale or no sale.

Having said that, rest assured we will call our customers when it’s warranted. Given we’re just a small team, email is the best mode of communication and that’s why we’re so passionate about being as responsive as we can. Often 99.99% of queries are resolved via email.

Looking for something special?

Are you after a scanner or a product we currently don’t stock? Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll see if we can get hold of it for you. We really value our customers and always love to listen to their ideas and suggestions, so please get in-touch. If we really like something you’ve shared, we might even send you a gift or acknowledge it in some way! That’s just how we are! We genuinely care!