The ANCEL BM500 is a state of the art dealer level / OE (original equipment) car diagnostics tool exclusively designed for BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce cars and is a must-have for any mechanic or DIYer’s toolbox. Tired of using different tools for diagnostics with incomplete support for BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce models? Looking for something that won’t break the bank and is economical with a life time of updates for FREE? If so, then this scanner is the answer.

The ANCEL BM500 isn’t your ordinary code reader, it’s so much more than a code reader. Unlike the basic code readers it comes with comprehensive ALL systems diagnostics and access to “special functions”. Now, those of you who are familiar with maintaining BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce vehicles you’ll know that there’s not much you can do in terms of repairs if you don’t have access to “special functions”, these functions are usually only available in the dealer level tools which allow the dealerships to carry out maintenance functions such as electronic parking brake retraction, throttle adaption and much more.

The BM500 comes with a whole host of maintenance functions. Hopefully we’ve whet your appetite! Read on for more information to learn why the BM500 is a must have whether you’re a BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce specialist mechanic or a DIY BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce owner.

Key Features

  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor
  • This is a genuine and official model with 1 year UK warranty.
  • Brand new and unused
  • Provides dealer level  / OE (original equipment) comprehensive diagnostics (ALL systems scanning, read / clear fault codes, live data) for BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce cars from 1976 to the present. Please note older vehicles which have the 20 pin port will require an additional 20 pin to OBD-II adapter. The vast majority of cars use the OBD-II port therefore won’t require an additional adapter.
  • Beware of ‘OBD2II’ tools claiming to offer car diagnostics, such tools are only capable of reading generic OBD2II engine and emissions related fault codes. NOT in-depth dealer level scanning of modules and manufacturer related fault codes. This is the reason why dealer level / OE tools cost thousands of pounds. 
  • The ANCEL BM500 supports key maintenance functions unlike other scanners:
    • CBS Reset
    • Oil Service Reset
    • PCM Clear Adaptions & TPS Adjustment
    • Battery coding – allows you to register a new battery after replacing the old one
    • EPB reset – allows you to release the electronic parking brake mechanism to replace the brake pads
  • Quick access and help provided via the fault code library for the busy mechanic or workshop
  • We have a close working relationship with the supplier. Please get in-touch with us if you have any queries regarding the scanner such as vehicle coverage for diagnostics and maintenance functions or any other query for that matter. At Albionshire Diagnostics we pride ourselves on great customer service, please see our Trustpilot reviews.

All Systems Diagnostics

  • Many people don’t realise not all scanners are created equally, the cheaper scanners don’t provide ALL systems scanning and at best only cover the engine module. Unlike the ANCEL BM700 scanner, which supports ALL systems scanning beyond the engine module such as CAS, DME, DDE and MANY MORE. If you’re a BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce specialist whose used a dealer level tool before, you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about as those modules should be recognisable to you
  • Comes with FREE updates for LIFE
  • Comprehensive support for MANY BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce vehicles

Easily Diagnose faults

Provides an easy to use interface to access comprehensive diagnostics across ALL electronic control modules unlike the cheaper scanners.

Supports Key Maintenance Functions

  • A professional diagnostic tool must offer maintenance functions specifically aimed for the professional garage or advanced DIYer. This scanner comes with a whole array of maintenance functions with comprehensive vehicle coverage for many BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce vehicles

Full List Of Supported Dealer Functions

  1. CBS Reset
  2. Oil Service Reset
  3. PCM Clear Adaptions & TPS Adjustment
  4. Battery coding (BMS) – allows you to register a new battery after replacing the old one
  5. EPB reset – allows you to release the electronic parking brake mechanism to replace the brake pads

Please note the availability of each function is dependent upon the vehicle.

Exclusively Designed For BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce

For BMW 1 Series::

  • E81/E82/E87/E88/F20/F21/F52

For BMW 2 Series:

  • F22/F23/F45/F46/F87

For BMW 3 Series: 

  • E30/E36/E46/E90/E91/E92/E93/F30/F31/F34/F35/F80/G20

For BMW 4 Series: 

  • F32/F33/F36/F82/F83

For BMW 5 Series: 

  • E28/E34/E39/E60/E61/F07/F10/F11/F18/F90/G30/G31/G38

For BMW 6 Series:

  • E24/E63/E64/F06/F12/F13/G32

For BMW 7 Series:

  • E23/E32/E38/E65/E66/E67/E68/F01/F02/F03/F04/G11/G12

For BMW 8 Series:

  • E31/G14/G15/G16

For BMW X Series:

  • X1 E84 F48 F49/ X2 F39/ X3 E83 F25 G01/ X4 F26 G02/ X5 E53 E70 F15 F85 G05/ X6 E71 E72 F16 F86/ X7 G07

For BMW Z Series: 

  • Z1 E30/ Z3 E36/ Z4 E85 E86/ Z4 E89/ Z8 E52

For BMW I Series: 

  • I3 I01/ I8 I12

For MINI: 

  • R50/R52/R53/R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61/F54/F55/F56/F60

Rolls-Royce Series: 

  • RR1/RR2/RR3/RR4/RR5

Analyse Battery Voltage

Easily analyse the voltage of your battery with an interactive real-time graph.

2 In 1 Scanner

You may be surprised but it also works with all OBD-II/EOBD compliant passenger cars from the year 2000 onwards – providing you with OBD-II engine and emissions diagnostics.

Supports all the major OBD-II protocols

  • J1850 VPW
  • J1850 PWM
  • ISO 15765-4 CAN (11 bit)
  • ISO  15765-4 CAN (29 bit)
  • ISO 14230-4 KWP
  • ISO 14230-4 KWP (5 BPS)
  • ISO 9141

Makes supported

  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Vauxhall
  • Saab
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Isuzu
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • and many more…

Live Data

View live data statistics in real time such as engine coolant temperature, vehicle speed and intake air temperature and much more.

Genuine and Official

  • BEWARE of fakes flooding the market, they may appear CHEAP but in the long run will cost you more due to incomplete support
  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor
  • AVOID fakes, be SMART, be SAFE and buy GENUINE

No yearly expensive subscription fees

This scanner is extremely good value for money, there are no expensive and complex yearly subscription fees.


1. 1x Official Scanner
2: 1x Manual
3: 1x USB Cable For Updates


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