ANCEL LD700 For Land Rover / Range Rover / Jaguar (JLR)

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The ANCEL LD700 is a state-of-the-art dealer level / OE (original equipment) car diagnostics tool exclusively designed for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles and is a must have for any mechanic or DIYer’s toolbox. Tired of using different tools for diagnostics with incomplete support for JLR models? Looking for something that won’t break the bank and is economical with a life time of updates for FREE? If so, then this scanner is the answer. The ANCEL LD700 isn’t your ordinary code reader, it’s so much more than a code reader. Unlike the basic code readers, it comes with comprehensive ALL systems diagnostics and access to 100+ special functions. Hopefully, we’ve whet your appetite! Read on for more information to learn why the LD700 is a must have whether you’re a JLR specialist mechanic or a DIY JLR owner.

Key Features

  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor
  • This is a genuine and official model with 1 year warranty.
  • Brand new and unused
  • Provides dealer level  / OE (original equipment) comprehensive diagnostics (ALL systems scanning, read / clear fault codes, live data) for Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles from the year 1996 to 2021.
  • Beware of ‘OBD2II’ tools claiming to offer car diagnostics, such tools are only capable of reading generic OBD2II engine and emissions related fault codes. NOT in-depth dealer level scanning of modules and manufacturer related fault codes. This is the reason why dealer level / OE tools cost thousands of pounds. 
  • The ANCEL LD700 Supports 100+ maintenance functions unlike cheaper scanners which only support 1 or 2 functions:
    • Service Reset
    • Brake Pad (Electronic Parking Brake) Reset
    • Battery Registration
    • Throttle Learning
    • MORE… Scroll down to see a full list. You will not find a tool at this price with that many supported functions
  • We have a close working relationship with the supplier. Please get in-touch with us if you have any queries regarding the scanner such as vehicle coverage for diagnostics and maintenance functions or any other query for that matter. At Albionshire Diagnostics we pride ourselves on great customer service, please see our Trustpilot reviews.

All Systems Diagnostics

  • Many people don’t realise not all scanners are created equally, the cheaper scanners don’t provide ALL systems scanning and at best only cover the engine module. Unlike our scanner, which supports ALL systems scanning beyond the engine module such as, PCM (Powertrain Control Module), RCM (Restraints Control Module), IPC (Instrument Cluster Control Module), PBM (Parking Brake Control Module), ATCM (All Terrain Control Module), RLM (Ride Level Control Module) and MANY MORE.
  • Comes with FREE updates for LIFE
  • Comprehensive support for MANY LAND ROVER / JAGUAR vehicles

Supports 100+ Maintenance Functions

  • A professional diagnostic tool must offer maintenance functions specifically aimed for the professional garage or advanced DIYer. This scanner comes with 100+ maintenance functions with comprehensive vehicle coverage for many LAND ROVER / JAGUAR vehicles. 

Full List Of Supported Dealer Functions

  1. All Wheel Drive – All Wheel Drive – Calibration
  2. All Wheel Drive – All Wheel Drive – High Oil Temperature Reset
  3. All Wheel Drive – All Wheel Drive – System Flush
  4. All Wheel Drive – All Wheel Drive System – Pump Bleed
  5. All Wheel Drive – All Wheel Drive System – Pump Venting
  6. Battery – Battery Replacement
  7. Body Systems – Crash Status Reset
  8. Body Systems – Ignition Cycle Counter Reset
  9. Body Systems – Lock Steering Tune To Vehicle
  10. Body Systems – Pedestrian Impact Crash Status Reset
  11. Body Systems – Power Steering Soft-lock End Stops Reset Routine
  12. Body Systems – Steering Column Calibration
  13. Brake Configuration – Brake Sensor Set-up
  14. Brake Configuration – Pedal Set-up
  15. Brake System – Abs Configuration Clear
  16. Brake System – Brake Bleed
  17. Brake System – Brake Pedal Position Sensor – Calibration
  18. Brake System – Longitudinal Accelerometer Sensor Calibration
  19. Brake System – Pressure Sensor Calibration
  20. Brake System – Roll Rate Sensor Calibration
  21. Brake System – Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
  22. Brake System – Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration
  23. Brake System – Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration.
  24. Complete Vehicle – Configure New Abs Control Module Or Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
  25. Configure New Modules – Steering Column Lock Module
  26. Dynamic Response Module – Lateral Accelerometer Calibration
  27. Dynamic Stability Control – Powertrain Configuration Reset
  28. Electronic Parking Brake – Electric Parking Brake Clutch Calibration
  29. Electronic Parking Brake – Parking Brake Release To Service Position
  30. Engine Emission Control – Purge Flow
  31. Engine Management – Reset The Diesel Particulate Filter Stored Values
  32. Gsmb – Gearshift Position Learn
  33. Lighting – Headlamp Control Module System Calibration
  34. Parking Brake – Apply And Release Electric Park Brake
  35. Parking Brake – Brake Caliper Replacement Assembly Test
  36. Parking Brake – Drive The Parking Brake To The Latching Position
  37. Parking Brake – Drive The Parking Brake To The Mounting Position
  38. Parking Brake – Longitudinal Accelerometer Calibration
  39. Parking Brake – Parking Brake Activation
  40. Parking Brake – Parking Brake Pad Replacement – Exit Maintenance Mode Application
  41. Parking Brake – Parking Brake Pad Replacement – Release To Service Position
  42. Parking Brake – Parking Brake Unjam Procedure.
  43. Powertrain – Activate Glow Plug Control
  44. Powertrain – Adaptive Fuel Trim Display
  45. Powertrain – Air Conditioning System Adaption Reset
  46. Powertrain – Diesel Exhaust Fluid Injection Pump Replacement
  47. Powertrain – Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Level Sensor Replacement
  48. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Condition (Stored Values)
  49. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Dynamic Regeneration
  50. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Fuel Related Component Replacement
  51. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor Replacement Reset
  52. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement
  53. Powertrain – Diesel Particulate Filter Reset
  54. Powertrain – Display Injector Correction Factors
  55. Powertrain – Enable/disable Glow Plugs
  56. Powertrain – Engine Control Module Low Pressure Egr Adaption Clear
  57. Powertrain – Engine Control Module Mass Air Flow Adaption Clear
  58. Powertrain – Engine Control Module Reset Crank Case Pressure Sensor
  59. Powertrain – Engine Control Module Reset Fuel Pump Adaption
  60. Powertrain – Engine Control Module Swirl Valve Adaption Clear
  61. Powertrain – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Replacement Reset
  62. Powertrain – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Replacement Reset
  63. Powertrain – Fuel Lift Pump
  64. Powertrain – Fuel Pump Supply – Enable/disable
  65. Powertrain – Gear Selector Sensor Calibration
  66. Powertrain – High Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement Reset
  67. Powertrain – High Pressure Injection Pump Replacement
  68. Powertrain – Idle Speed – Adjustment
  69. Powertrain – Injector Replacement Resets
  70. Powertrain – Lambda Sensor Gain Adjustment Reset
  71. Powertrain – Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement Reset
  72. Powertrain – Oil Service Counter Reset
  73. Powertrain – Paddle Shift Configuration
  74. Powertrain – Pilot Correction Learning
  75. Powertrain – Powertrain Control Module Adaption Clear
  76. Powertrain – Reset Oil Level
  77. Powertrain – Reset Selective Catalyst Reduction Quality Monitor
  78. Powertrain – Reset Selective Catalyst Reduction Start Inhibit
  79. Powertrain – Service History Data
  80. Powertrain – Throttle Valve Actuator Replacement
  81. Powertrain – Transmission Control Module Adaption
  82. Powertrain – Transmission Control Module Adaption Clear
  83. Powertrain – Transmission Control Module Oil Counter Reset
  84. Powertrain – Turbocharger Replacement Reset
  85. Powertrain Set-up – Boost Pressure Actuator Replacement
  86. Powertrain Set-up – Diesel Fueling Adaption Re-initialization
  87. Powertrain Set-up – Diesel Lambda Sensor Replacement
  88. Powertrain Set-up – Diesel Particulate Filter Air Temperature Sensor Replacement
  89. Powertrain Set-up – Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Sensor Replacement
  90. Powertrain Set-up – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Replacement
  91. Powertrain Set-up – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
  92. Powertrain Set-up – Injector Replacement
  93. Powertrain Set-up – Oxidation Catalyst
  94. Powertrain Set-up – Oxygen Sensor
  95. Powertrain Set-up – Reset Water In Fuel Detection
  96. Powertrain Set-up – Throttle Valve Actuator
  97. Powertrain Set-up – Throttle Valve Actuator Replacement
  98. Powertrain Set-up – Turbine Shut-off Valve
  99. Rear Differential Control Module – Control Module Calibration
  100. Running Board Control Module – Service Mode Disabled
  101. Running Board Control Module – Service Mode Enabled
  102. Special Applications – Abs Control Module Configuration Clear
  103. Special Applications – Brakes
  104. Special Applications – Calibrate Clutch
  105. Special Applications – Engine Fuel Priming Routine
  106. Special Applications – Fuel Burn Heater – Operation Check
  107. Special Applications – Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Coolant Pump Replacement
  108. Special Applications – Oil Dilution Reset
  109. Special Applications – Parking Aid Control Module Reset
  110. Special Applications – Parking Aid Control Module Reset Configuration State
  111. Special Applications – Parking Aid Switch-Enable(Disable)
  112. Special Applications – Petrol Engine Control Module Adaption Clear
  113. Special Applications – Rest Of World – Service Interval Options
  114. Special Applications – Service Interval Reset
  115. Special Applications – Service Interval Reset (IPC)
  116. Special Applications – Transmission Control Module Clear Oil Degradation Counter
  117. Special Applications – Transmission Control Module Clear Self-learning Data
  118. Special Applications – Transmission Control Module Neutral Learn
  119. Special Applications – Vehicle Reset
  120. Special Applications – Zero Egr Counter
  121. Special function name
  122. Suspension System – Air Suspension Deflation
  123. Suspension System – Air Suspension Enable
  124. Suspension System – Air Suspension Inflation
  125. Suspension System – Height Calibration
  126. Suspension System – Set/un-set Air Suspension Manufacturing/freeze Mode
  127. Telematics Control Module – Telematics Control Module Battery Replacement Reset
  128. Tire Pressure Monitor System – Tire Pressure Monitor Confirmation Application
  129. Tire Pressure Monitor System – Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Identification Display
  130. Tire Pressure Monitor System – Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement
  131. Transfer Case – Absolute Position Sensor Replacement
  132. Transfer Case – Adaptation Status
  133. Transfer Case – Motor Replacement
  134. Transfer Case – Oil Change Reset
  135. Transfer Case – Solenoid Replacement
  136. Transfer Case – Xy Sensor Replacement

Exclusively Designed For Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles

2 In 1 Scanner

You may be surprised but it also works with all OBD-II/EOBD compliant passenger cars from the year 2001+ (petrol) and 2004+ (diesel) to the present – providing you with OBD-II engine and emissions diagnostics.

  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda
  • Porsche
  • Volvo
  • Vauxhall
  • Saab
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Isuzu
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • and many more…

Live Data

View live data statistics in real time such as engine coolant temperature, vehicle speed and intake air temperature and much more.

Genuine and Official

  • BEWARE of fakes flooding the market, they may appear CHEAP but in the long run will cost you more due to incomplete support
  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor
  • AVOID fakes, be SMART, be SAFE and buy GENUINE

No yearly expensive subscription fees

This scanner is extremely good value for money, there are no expensive and complex yearly subscription fees.


1. 1x Official Scanner
2: 1x Manual
3: 1x USB Cable For Updates


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