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*** This device includes the PRO plan but does not include any credits, OBDeleven no longer offer FREE credits with the next generation device ***

You may be wondering what on earth are credits? Some people are put off because it’s not explained properly, We’ll set the record straight and you’ll see there are virtues to using the credit system depending on your use case, it can actually save you time and money in the long run! There are essentially two ways to enable and disable features:::

  1. Use the PRO plan which gives you unlimited coding abilities for 12 months to code the vehicle, you have to know the coding procedure, we do not advise customers on the coding procedure, coding is aimed at advanced users who have the know-how and understand the risks involved. There are lots of resources online including the official OBDeleven forum, there’s a huge fan base and it’s more than likely someone has already tried to do what you’re doing.
  2. Use One-Click apps; One-Click apps are basically pre-coded, they are extremely convenient, and you don’t have to spend hours learning the coding procedure and potentially getting it wrong. OBDeleven has done all the hard work for you, this is where the credits come in via in-app purchases, say you wanted to enable cornering lights or the audible beep confirmation when locking and unlocking the doors, or maybe video in motion, you could use One-click apps specifically created for those scenarios. It’s literally done with one click, saving you hours of time researching the coding procedure, time is money! One-Click apps vary in cost from 10 credits to 200 credits. As a rough idea,10 credits cost around £1.80. Please note not all scenarios will have a One-Click app, in that case, you can use the PRO plan’s coding abilities. Again, just to reiterate, you don’t have to buy credits, since this tool comes with the PRO plan for 12 months, which gives you UNLIMITED coding abilities. HOWEVER, with this approach, YOU will NEED to KNOW the CODING PROCEDURE.

If you don’t think you’ll need the advanced features of the PRO pack, you can go for the less expensive standard device and buy the One-Click apps to make customisations as and when needed. Although this might not be cost effective if you plan on making a lot of changes to your car. It actually maybe better for you to buy the PRO pack and learn how to do the coding yourself, saving you money in the long run. 

The OBDeleven Pro Bluetooth scanner is a game changer. It’s not just a basic code reader to help you diagnose and clear fault codes, it’s so much more than that. It allows you to unlock hidden features on your vehicle and make various customisations to suit your own needs. It provides the same functionality which is used by expensive dealer level diagnostic systems utilised by dealerships. Free yourself from the expensive dealership costs by empowering yourself to diagnose and adapt your vehicle yourself. A car diagnostics scan from your local dealership could cost up to £100 + VAT. A couple of uses of the OBDeleven Pro and your quids in!

Basic, Pro, Ultimate – Confused and not sure which plan to buy? We’ve written a blog post to help you make the right choice:

Which OBDeleven Plan Should I Buy?

Video Demonstration

Unboxing Video

Key Features

  • We are Albionshire Car Diagnostics (UK), the official UK distributor of OBDeleven
  • Genuine and official OBDeleven, European made scanner with official OBDeleven after sales support and 1 year warranty. NOT a grey market import or a fake unlike many others scanners.
  • Brand new and unused with the OBDeleven official security seal
  • Comes with a whopping TWO years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with 12 months PRO plan (PRO plan provides more advanced features beyond clearing fault codes such as coding and adaptations, please see further below (Basic and PRO)
  • If you have an Android phone, you could save money by buying the first generation device with the PRO plan.
  • Supports a range of diagnostic protocols; KKL, CAN and CAN-UDS unlike the cheaper tools
  • Provides dealer level  / OE (original equipment) comprehensive diagnostics (ALL systems scanning, read / clear fault codes on ABS, Multimedia, Electronics, Transmission etc) for VAG group cars (Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA) from 1996 to the present. It will even work on some VAG cars pre-1996 providing you use the 2×2 adaptor
  • Beware of ‘OBD2II’ tools claiming to offer car diagnostics, such tools are only capable of reading generic OBD2II engine and emissions related fault codes. NOT in-depth dealer level scanning of ALL modules and manufacturer related fault codes. This is the reason why dealer level / OE tools cost thousands of pounds.
  • Supports various maintenance functions such as (DPF regen, oil service reset, electronic parking brake retraction, SAS reset, injector coding etc)
  • Supports coding and adaptations such as turning off the stop/start mechanism, enabling show room mode, DRL activation/deactivation, change speedometer unit e.g. KPH to MPH
  • Supports large vehicle coverage of VAG group cars (Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA)
  • Comes with a key ring for convenience
  • We have a close working relationship with OBDeleven. Please get in-touch with us if you have any queries regarding the OBDeleven such as vehicle coverage for diagnostics and maintenance functions or any other query for that matter. At Albionshire Diagnostics we pride ourselves on great customer service, please see our Trustpilot reviews.

App (included within the purchase)

Comes with an easy to use user interface, for both Android and iOS.



All Systems Diagnostics

  • Unlike other tools OBDeleven provides dealer level  / OE (original equipment) comprehensive diagnostics (ALL systems scanning; read / clear fault codes on ABS, Multimedia, Electronics, Transmission etc) for VAG group cars (Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA)
  • Beware of scanners and ‘code readers’ claiming to offer car diagnostics. These tools won’t and can’t scan anything beyond engine and emissions related fault codes!

OBDeleven Is So Much More Than Just Car Diagnostics

As a professional mechanic or advanced DIYer diagnostics are invaluable, however they aren’t going to help when it comes to actually doing the work! This is what sets the OBDeleven apart from the cheaper OBD-II code readers. Here’s just a small selection of essential functions supported by the OBDeleven for the professional mechanic or advanced DIYer:

Oil Service Reset
Electronic Parking Brake Retraction
Inspect Service Reset

Battery Registration
Basic Settings
DPF Regeneration

  • Oil Service Reset – allows you to reset the oil service reminder
  • Electronic Parking Brake Retraction – allows you to replace the brake pads by releasing the parking brake mechanism electronically
  • Inspection Service Reset – allows you to reset the regular service reminder
  • Battery Registration – on newer cars, you can’t just replace the old battery with the new one like the old days. The new one has to be registered appropriately following a set procedure
  • Basic Settings – which allows you to calibrate the steering angle sensor, AC flap motors, etc. A highly advanced function to be used with caution! Incorrect usage of this feature will result in your car going back to the dealership, please use with caution! ⚠️
  • DPF Regeneration – the DPF filter serves to remove harmful emissions, overtime the filter can get clogged up by the acquired soot requiring a forced regeneration

You get all of the above with the PRO plan.

Coding and adaptations

  • Not all diagnostic tools are created equality, functionality such as ECU coding is solely reserved for the state of the art high end tools such as the OBDeleven Pro
  • Coding allows you to change the parameters of the ECU to adapt it to specific needs such as such as turning off the stop/start mechanism, enabling show room mode, DRL activation/deactivation, change speedometer unit e.g. KPH to MPH

Genuine and Official

  • BEWARE of grey market imports and fakes flooding eBay, they may appear CHEAP but very little support is provided for such products
  • We are Albionshire Car Diagnostics (UK), the official UK distributor of OBDeleven
  • AVOID grey market imports and fakes, be SMART, be SAFE and buy GENUINE
  • Comes with a whopping TWO years manufacturer’s warranty
The text on this web page is copyright of Albionshire Car Diagnostics, under no circumstances should this text be copied and used without our express consent and permission.

3 reviews for OBDeleven Pro Pack (NextGen) Bluetooth Scanner for IOS and Android

  1. Steve Jones

    Brilliant service from these guys, cannot fault at all from start to finish of my recent OBDEleven order. It arrived super quick – next day. I was surprised as I thought I’d be getting standard Royal Mail 1st class but they used special delivery with no extra charge to me! – fantastic!

    I haven’t used the scanner yet, but it arrived without damage and still sealed, once I’ve used it I will provide a product review but until then all I can say is “Thanks to everyone at Albionshire Car Diagnostics” and the small extra “surprise” they sent along with my purchase really put a smile on my face!!

    Thanks a million!

  2. Mr A P Glover

    Friendly efficient company to deal with.
    Spot on communications ,and they stick to their word.

  3. Mr Kenneth Worth

    Great service from start to finish, no problems at all, thanks

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