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The PRO VAG Plan allows you to run professional diagnostics, monitor car performance with live data, enable & disable comfort features, customize and access hidden car features manually. If you’re looking to upgrade your gear and boost customer experience, or you’re a car enthusiast – the PRO Plan will give you the tools to run in-depth manufacturer-level diagnostics.
Or, in case you don’t have time, you can get our pre-made coding applications called One-Click Apps to customize your car’s feature with a single tap on your smartphone. You can purchase your favorite One-Click Apps with Credits, OBDeleven’s in-app currency.
As the first third-party diagnostic tool officially approved by the Volkswagen Group (VAG), OBDeleven allows you to modify and customize vehicles that are protected by the group’s latest safety protocols (SFD), including the latest models on the market.
The PRO features include:Β 
  • Manufacturer-level diagnostics
  • Scan faults and clear trouble codes
  • SFD unlocking (VAG-only)
  • Live Data (VAG-only)
  • Coding & long coding (VAG-only)
  • Adaptations & long adaptations (VAG-only)
  • Control Unit reset (UDS) (VAG-only)
  • Trouble code freeze frame (VAG-only)
  • Basic settings & more (VAG-only)
  • One-Click Apps (in-app credits required)
Step 1:Β Plug your OBDeleven device into your car’s OBD2 port.
Step 2:Β Download the OBDeleven application from Google Play, Apple Store, or AppGallery.
Step 3:Β Connect your device with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
…and start a conversation with your car!
The PRO VAG Plan will be redeemed by connecting the application with a device.
Coding (VAG-only)
Program control units
Set different options in control modules and sub-control units by changing their coding and configuring them yourself. You can also control each unit individually with the help of long coding.
Adaptations (VAG-only)
Modify control units
Edit or change values and settings in control units with the Adaptations and Long Adaptations features.
Basic settings (VAG-only)
Calibrate control units
Add new calibration values to your car’s control units like A/C flaps, brake pads, steering angle sensors, etc. This feature is also available for UDS-based control units, as well as older cars’ control units that support it.
Gateway coding
Code gateways between control units
The gateway serves as an information bridge between different vehicle communication networks. Code your car’s gateway and install or uninstall different control units.
Trouble code freeze frame
Get trouble code screenshots
See more than just a fault code. Freeze Frame gives you exact screenshots that show additional information about a trouble code.


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