Topdon Phoenix Lite 2 – Alternative To THINKTOOL MASTER 2

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TOPDON Phoenix LITE 2, dealer-level diagnostics at the fraction of the cost.

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The tool will be shipped via Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed next day by 1pm for FREE, to our knowledge none of our competitors offer such a service for FREE. Please select the FREE delivery option at checkout.

This is a great cost saver and alternative if you don’t want the THINKTOOL MASTER 2 online programming capabilities.

Topdon Phoenix Lite 2 – The Next Generation Compact Pro Scanner

The Phoenix Lite 2 is TOPDON’s new compact pro-level scan tool. This tool is designed to be streamlined and deployable. When technicians have jobs outside the shop or jobs need to be resolved fast, the Phoenix Lite 2 is the perfect tool for the job. With a robust array of special functions, online coding, and broad vehicle coverage, this versatile scan tool clears up jobs faster and gets shops moving. Generate the most complete diagnostic reports with advanced scanning functions and Bluetooth battery testing compatibility. Do more in less time with the Phoenix Lite 2.

Why choose Phoenix Lite 2?

  • Access online/ECU coding, match and code the newly replaced ECU, unlock hidden functions such as automatic folding windows, and support for Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.
  • With V.A.G guidance function, Phoenix Lite 2 will guide you step by step, and perform matching, calibration, and basic settings while diagnosing, compatible with Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, and other models.
  • Two-way control can send commands to the ECU to control the actuators to perform corresponding actions (such as moving windows, switching lights, air conditioners, etc.) to help accurately identify problems.
  • 28+ maintenance services, such as oil reset, EPB reset, PDF, gear learning, suspension reset, throttle adaptation, Windows calibration, etc., is an excellent integrated diagnostic scanner for professional auto maintenance.
  • OE-level system diagnosis allows customers to deeply understand the vehicle systems of more than 200 models including engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, ESP, and TPMS, compatible with GM, Ford, Chrysler, BNEZ, BMW, etc.
  • Phoenix Lite 2 provides FCA Gateway access to perform enhanced diagnostics on FCA vehicles (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc.).
  • AutoVIN function allows Phoenix Lite 2 to collect important vehicle information, including vehicle make, model, and year of manufacture.
  • Customers can see more details in the interface, the 8-inch high-resolution LCD screen (1280*800 pixels) makes the screen clearly visible.
  • Phoenix Lite 2 has a larger battery capacity, saving you from repeatedly charging Lite 2 throughout the day. The 12600mAh battery provides up to 24 hours of battery life with the screen on.
  • 2 years of free software updates, allowing customers to get the most functions and the best user experience with one click, maximizing the return on investment.


  • Support Online Coding Function
  • Full System Diagnostics for 200+ Vehicle Makes
  • Records & Graphs Live Data
  • Reads VIN & ECU Information
  • Runs Active Tests
  • Performs 28+ Special Functions
  • VAG Guided Function
  • Auto Auth for FCA Gateway Access
  • Read & Clear Fault Codes


  • Display: LCD 8-Inch, 1280 * 800
  • CPU 4-Core Processor, 2.0 GHz
  • Android 10.0
  • RAM: 2G, ROM 32G
  • Battery: 12600 mAh / 3.8V
  • Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C (32°F~122°F)
  • Dimension: 258*183*50.5 mm (10.16*7.20*1.99 inches)
  • Net Weight: 1184 grams (2.61 lbs.)
  • Multilingual Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, phoenixlite2Italian, Korean, Chinese(tra-ditional), Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish

Why buy from us?

  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor of TOPDON products
  • Genuine and official TOPDON PHOENIX LITE 2 European model with official TOPDON after-sales support and 1-year warranty. NOT a grey market import or a fake.
  • Brand new and unused with the TOPDON official security seal
  • Provides dealer level  / OE (original equipment) comprehensive diagnostics (ALL systems scanning, read / clear fault codes, live data, actuation tests) for most car makes and models
  • Beware of ‘OBD2II’ tools claiming to offer car diagnostics, such tools are only capable of reading generic OBD2II engine and emissions related fault codes. NOT in-depth dealer level scanning of ALL modules and manufacturer related fault codes. This is the reason why dealer level / OE tools cost thousands of pounds.
  • Shipped via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm®
  • We have a close working relationship with TOPDON. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding the TOPDON PHOENIX LITE 2 such as vehicle coverage for diagnostics and maintenance functions or any other query for that matter. At Albionshire Diagnostics we pride ourselves on great customer service, please see our Trustpilot reviews.

All Systems Diagnostics

  • The TOPDON PHOENIX LITE 2 supports in-depth dealer level scanning of ALL system modules such as engine, transmission, SRS, EVAP, ABS etc
  • Comprehensive support for MANY makes and models

28+ Maintenance Functions

  • A professional all in one diagnostic tool must offer a large range of maintenance functions for the professional garage. The TOPDON PHOENIX LITE 2 comes with 28+ maintenance functions with comprehensive vehicle coverage for many car makes and models

Online ECU Programming & Coding

  • For a serious garage the replacement or customisation of ECUs will require them to be programmed / coded
  • Not all diagnostic tools come with ECU programming and coding, these features are solely reserved for the state of the art high end tools such as the TOPDON PHOENIX LITE 2

Genuine and Official

  • BEWARE of grey market imports and fakes flooding eBay, they may appear CHEAP but official support will NOT be provided by TOPDON
  • We are Albionshire Diagnostics (UK), an authorised UK distributor of TOPDON products
  • AVOID grey market imports and fakes, be SMART, be SAFE and buy GENUINE


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