OBDeleven Buying Guide: Which Plan Is The Right Choice For Me?

Are you thinking about buying the OBDeleven but unsure whether you should buy the Basic, Pro or the Ultimate? Should you buy the first generation or second generation device? Rest assured, you’re not alone! We totally understand and appreciate the offering can seem overwhelming with so many variations to choose from. In this blog post, we’re going to break it all down for you to make the right choice.

What Is The Difference Between The First Generation And Next Generation (NextGen) Devices?

From the left OBDeleven first-generation device and the newer OBDeleven next generation (NextGen) device

Let’s kick off with the device itself. The OBDeleven comes in two flavours; the first-generation and the newer next-generation device also known as NextGen. There are three key differences:

  1. The first generation device only works on Android mobile phones
  2. The second-generation device works both on Android and iPhone
  3. Most would agree the second-generation device is aesthetically more pleasing, so much so it won the 2020 European Product Design Awardsβ„’.

Both devices are identical in terms of the functionality they offer, although the Android app supports more functionality than the iPhone app. We’ll discuss more about this further below when we compare the plans.

If you plan on being on Android for the rest of your life, you can certainly go for the first generation device, it costs less. However, you may want to consider the OBDeleven NextGen to future proof yourself, if you ever decide to switch to iPhone.

Video Demonstration

First Let’s Clear Up The Distinction Between Packs and Plans

You may be wondering what’s the difference between packs and plans? Essentially, each pack comes with an OBDeleven device and a plan. A plan comes with a set of features or perks. Understandably, some of us can get anxious when we hear the word “plans”, often plans are associated with hefty subscription fees. Rest assured, that’s not the case with the OBDeleven, which comes with three cost-effective plans, one of them being FREE as far as subscriptions go:

  • Basic Plan – no subscription required
  • Pro Plan – 12 months subscription
  • Ultimate – 12 months subscription + unlimited One-Click Apps (we’ll explain One-Click Apps later on and you’ll love em!❀️)

Let’s look at each plan in detail.

Basic Plan – No Subscription Required

  • One-Click applications
  • Automatically identify the vehicle from the VIN number
  • Read / clear trouble codes from all control units
  • Read information about the control unit
  • Share diagnostic data log via email
  • Observe battery status
  • Log connected cars history
  • Engine, Equipment and fault code lookup
  • Advanced control unit information
  • Live data
  • Charts (in development)
  • Gauges (in development)
  • Sub control units information
  • Vehicle information
  • User manuals (in development)
  • Manuals developer (in development)
  • Garage
  • Car backup and programming history
  • Output test

If you’re looking to just read and clear fault codes you can either buy the OBDeleven first-generation or next-generation device with the Basic plan. With the Basic plan, you get ALL systems diagnostics scanning. What many people don’t realise is that this is not the same as the generic OBD-II code readers, which will only allow you to read engine fault codes, even then, they won’t be able to interpret manufacturer specific fault codes. With the OBDeleven device, you can diagnose ALL the ECU systems beyond the engine such as transmission, ABS, central electronics, auto trans etc

This is what makes the OBDeleven so powerful and separates it from the rest, it gives you ALL systems diagnostics with the ability to interpret VAG (VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA) specific fault codes and clear them.

Again, what many people don’t realise is that with other diagnostic tools, after 12 months the ALL systems diagnostics are disabled and no longer available, leaving you with only the OBD-II diagnostics function to diagnose the engine and emissions related data, that’s all OBD-II is! This plan is not subscription-based so technically FREE, so you get to keep all of the functions listed above for LIFE including access to ALL systems diagnostics.

WHAT IS CODING And What Are One-Click Apps?

Beyond car diagnostics, professional mechanics and car enthusiasts want the ability to be able to customise or code a vehicle. If you’re looking to customise your car such as turning off the start/stop system or altering the volume on the sound actuator, you’re going to need access to OBDeleven’s coding abilities. You won’t be able to do that with the Basic plan (although not entirely true, please read on).

Coding is the process of modifying the ECU configuration to make changes to the software. For example, you can code the speedometer reading from kilometres per hour to miles per hour or disable the automatic stop/start function on your car. There are two ways to code with the OBDeleven:

  1. Changing ECU configuration values directly, requires a lot of advanced knowledge and potentially many hours of research, many cups of coffee and lots of trial and error
  2. One-Click Apps; OBDeleven made life easier by developing One-Click apps by putting in all the gruelling hours and doing the research for you! True to the One-Click name, most customisations can be carried out super quick without spending hours learning the technical inner workings of the ECU system you’re trying to customise and for this reason, you’ll love One-Click apps! ❀️

One important thing to note is that coding can be used where there isn’t a One-Click app available for you to customise a feature on your car, providing you with more flexibility. Coding is aimed at professional mechanics and advanced users.

This is where the PRO plan comes in, let’s discuss it further.

The Pro Plan Features – iPhone

  • Coding / Long coding
  • SFD unlocked
  • Coding II (in development)
  • Sub control units coding
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit reset (UDS)
  • Login finder (in development)
  • Security access
  • Security database
  • Adaptation / Long adaptation
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Basic settings
  • Gateway auto code (in development)
  • Gateway installation list coding
  • Coding/Long coding/Adaptation labels development (in development)
  • Live data labels development (in development)
  • Control unit backup
  • EEPROM (in development)

The Pro Plan Features – Android

  • Coding / Long coding
  • SFD unlocked
  • Coding II
  • Sub control units coding
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit reset (UDS)
  • Login finder
  • Security access
  • Security database
  • Adaptation / Long adaptation
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Basic settings
  • Gateway auto code
  • Gateway installation list coding
  • Coding/Long coding/Adaptation labels development
  • Live data labels development
  • Control unit backup

One thing to be aware of is that there are some variations between the iPhone and Android apps when it comes to the PRO features. Some of the features are still under development on the iPhone, highlighted above.

The PRO plan effectively turns your device into a more advanced dealer level tool for a whole 12 months with UNRESTRICTED access to all the PRO features.

OBDeleven Is So Much More Than Just Car Diagnostics

As a professional mechanic or advanced DIYer diagnostics are invaluable, however, they aren’t going to help when it comes to actually doing the work! This is what sets the OBDeleven apart from the cheaper OBD-II code readers. Here’s just a small selection of essential functions supported by the OBDeleven for the professional mechanic or advanced DIYer:

Oil Service Reset
Electronic Parking Brake Retraction
Inspect Service Reset
Battery Registration
Basic Settings
DPF Regeneration
  • Oil Service Reset – allows you to reset the oil service reminder
  • Electronic Parking Brake Retraction – allows you to replace the brake pads by releasing the parking brake mechanism electronically
  • Inspection Service Reset – allows you to reset the regular service reminder
  • Battery Registration – on newer cars, you can’t just replace the old battery with the new one like in the old days. The new one has to be registered appropriately following a set procedure
  • Basic Settings – allows you to calibrate the steering angle sensor, AC flap motors, etc. A highly advanced function to be used with caution! Incorrect usage of this feature will result in your car going back to the dealership, please use it with caution! ⚠️
  • DPF Regeneration – the DPF filter serves to remove harmful emissions, overtime the filter can get clogged up by the acquired soot requiring a forced regeneration

You get all of the above with the PRO plan.

Putting It All Together PACKS + PLANS

So, now we know that the Basic plan essentially gives you comprehensive car diagnostics and the PRO plan gives you more advanced workshop features. We can now discuss the packs, the packs essentially consist of the device + the plan:

  • Basic Pack (Device only, officially OBDeleven don’t refer to the device only option as the BASIC pack but we do so, to help customers distinguish it from the other packs
  • PRO Pack (device + BASIC + PRO features)
  • Ultimate Pack (device + BASIC + PRO features + unlimited One-Click applications (for the duration of the subscription + OCA builder – aimed at workshops and more advanced users)

What Are Credits?

So, you know how we were saying earlier you can’t access the coding abilities with the Basic plan? Well.. that’s only true to some extent, although you can’t do coding in the traditional sense, you can still access One-Click Apps to customise your car. However, One-Click apps do cost credits in order to use them. If you buy the PRO pack (next-generation device), you’ll need to buy credits if you want to use One-Click apps. The Ultimate pack comes with unlimited One-Click applications for 12 months, so you don’t need to buy credits.

We’re not ones to upsell, that’s not our style. One thing to note is that if you had the Basic pack you can still buy credits and use One-Click apps to customise your car. However, some users especially professional mechanics and enthusiasts will want the flexibility of being able to code. Since One-Click apps don’t cater for every single need, for some functions, One-Click apps don’t yet exist. However, new ones are being added and you can request new apps to be created. OBDeleven are one of those companies that actually value and listen to their customers!

OBDeleven Ultimate Pack

This nicely leads us to discuss the Ultimate pack. The Ultimate pack comes with everything the PRO pack comes with. The main distinction is that it gives you unlimited access to One-Click apps and coding abilities for the entire 12 months, so you don’t need to buy credits. It also gives you access to raw data and the OCA builder to build your own apps. The Ultimate pack is mainly aimed at highly advanced users and independent workshops.

Most of our users tend to either go for the Pro pack (next-generation device) or the Pro pack first-generation Android device.

Individual PRO plans can be purchased to either renew or upgrade

After the 12-month subscription is over, individual Pro and Ultimate plans can be purchased if you would like to continue to have access to One-Click apps and coding abilities and maintenance functions such as EPB. The plans can also be purchased to upgrade from Basic.

For example, if you find yourself sitting on the fence regarding the Pro pack you can buy the Basic pack and upgrade at a later time using the Pro plan upgrade which can be purchased separately. This is a nice compromise and it’s cost-effective. If it’s only a one time job that requires customisation of your car and a One-Click app exists, we’d advise you to buy the Basic pack and then buy credits separately. But if you find yourself saying .. ‘ahhh I’d fancy changing x, y z’ then it starts to become uneconomical and that’s where the Pro and Ultimate packs come in.

The Ultimate pack is mainly aimed at workshops and more advanced users as it also lets you make your own One-Click apps to speed up jobs, if, for instance, you have your own workshop.

That’s all from Albionshire Car Diagnostics today. We hope you’re more informed now and you can choose the right OBDeleven pack for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need anything clarifying. Here at Albionshire Car Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on good customer service, we genuinely love to help our customers find the right product for them. It’s such an honour and joy when customers get in touch telling us how our products helped them.